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Welcome to the companion website of the book "The Journey to Enterprise Agility: Systems Thinking and Organizational Legacy."

We will continually be adding to this site with articles and references that may be helpful as you are reading our book, or after you've finished it.

Here is a series of journal articles (one, two, three) that Hong wrote as he was formulating the ideas for this book. These are very detailed, technical articles so enter at your own risk! Hong wanted to show how his own work was based on the work of theoretical biologist Robert Rosen, as well as work Hong had previously done at Purdue University with Professor Ted Williams on the Purdue Enterprise Reference Architecture (PERA - see Handbook and Appendices). PERA had been created as very much of a waterfall model for enterprise integration, but Hong wanted to modernize it to fit Rosen's theories as well as to make it more iterative and incremental (like Agile).

We've also got some of Hong's early speeches on the topics of the machine model organization and object/subject school of thinking.

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