Other Supplemental Articles

Here we supply the other supplemental articles that can help with your understanding of the book.

What is organizational legacy?

John Ruskin's "illth" - Ruskin gave us this little gem of a word that can help us understand how Agile teams and projects might not always be a "universal good" for the corporation, and how to fix that. [coming soon...]

Michael Porter's "shared value" - Harvard's darling of business strategy from the 1980s has moved on to equally serious pursuits - what he calls "shared value." [coming soon...]

Taleb's "antifragility" [coming soon...]

Test relevance [coming soon...]

The myth of "hire quality" [coming soon...]

Mechanical Agile article in Methods and Tools [coming soon...]

Pressing Zero [coming soon...]

IT project failures [coming soon...]

Storytelling and Public Narrative

The quotes we've collected [coming soon...]

Why I cannot read business books anymore (survivorship bias) [coming soon...]

Black Swan events [coming soon...]

IIRR link - The International Institute for Rural Reconstruction does a lot of good. We mention it in the book as an excellent example of how to lift people up, whether those people are Chinese peasants in the countryside, or Agile teams who need help from a coach. The IIRR approach is very, very different than the shu-ha-ri approach, for instance. [coming soon...]

YouKnowWeAreKiddingRight.com  [we're not going to explain this one, you've got to read the book to find out]

Differences between epics and value stories  [coming soon...]

Scientism [coming soon...]

Iterative and incremental [coming soon...]

Evaluating the scaled Agile frameworks (SAFe, Nexus, DAD, LeSS, GROWS, Modern Agile, etc.) [coming soon...]

Whatever happened to CASE tools? [coming soon...]

The Naughty Words List [coming soon...]



In Chapter 5 - Redefining Professionalism, we have a sidebar called "How Can I Change Anything? I'm Not in Charge!" This is often how things feel, that the problem exists solely in other people, and that, since we ourselves are behaving perfectly, we could not be part of the problem.

This short video is a great introduction to how we can shift our worldview a bit on this topic. Have a watch and see how it works for you.



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